Friday, June 6, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Bunny

For the past few weeks, a tiny bunny has been visiting my patio. Two weeks ago, it was the size of a hamster. Now it's about the size of a young guinea pig. It does not seem to have any fear:

closer still
Its probable parents have been wreaking havoc on my flowers, nibbling off the tulip heads, etc. Last evening, I was in our sublevel and happened to look out the window. A big bunny was pressing its nose to the window watching me.

This years hummingbirds aren't so friendly though a female tolerated our presence tonight as she sipped out of the feeder. A pretty day full as it turned out with Maya.

I took her to the local Ice Cream Social, which served expensive (but tasty)gelato. Our school is going upscale I guess. Free face painting but I could have done a better job. Also free bouncy castles and a used book sale. I have a few months of in the middle of the night reads now


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Elephant's Child said...

The growth of that baby bunny suggests that it ish helping its parents denude your garden. Cute though he/she is.
Maya is even cuter.
And I LOVE book fairs. Greed triumphs every time.


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