Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fairy Gardens and Geum

Should I go back and get this garden pretty?

Fairy garden 1

fairy garden 2

Part of rock garden full of too much sedum and snow in summer. And my mystery flower? It goes by the wretched name Geum, variety red dragon
Ann Arbor is known for its fairy doors (someday I will go downtown and photograph them all) but the nursery on my bike route is starting to have fairy gardens too My usual biking day, yesterday was chock full of rain but today, cool and sunny so off I went today taking a water break at the nursery. I buy perennials there for my rock garden and about half have survived. The label to these bright red flowers did not so I went to see if I could find the plant with the label. Bingo.  I have a Geum.

I had grand baby duty yesterday. Maya in the morning and Tess and Daniel in the afternoon. As it was raining, I bought my iPad, always welcomed.

A pensive Maya

2 year old Tess with Daniel looking on

Oliver came back from his kindergarten graduation and was happy to find the iPad

Above, you can see that my baskets are still alive, even the lobelia filled one.

I actually slept through the night! I awoke with light coming in the window, a first in I don't know how long.

And until I can take my own fairy door photos:

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Elephant's Child said...

Gorgeous grandbabies. And garden.


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