Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mountain Laurel, Part 3

Not mountain laurel but found in a garden on our way there

candy pink

I love how intricate the flowerets are


Only a little of this kind in bloom

almost white
There was going to be a small break in all the rain we've been having so back to the Arb to see if the mountain laurel was at its peak. Yes it is though all of the rain is starting to rot the blossoms. The big storms missed us Tuesday but yesterday, just as I had a friend over, it hit us hard. Our power went out while I was trying to heat some snacks for us. We ere planning an arb walk yesterday and then a relaxing Happy Hour on my deck but it rained on our parade. Everything is so moist here. I've pulled so many weeds.

It was also not raining this morning (though foggy) so I did get a nice ride in.
Maya has been with us a lot. Today we took a walk to the park with her singing on top of a playground structure: I'm Maya Rose and I'm at the Park! over and over. At school (now over) she is called Maya Rose to distinguish her from the other Maya.

A dinner out with my hubby and then tomorrow, an outing with The Moms.


Elephant's Child said...

Loving the Mountain Laurels - and wondering whether I could get them here.
The first plant is stunning too. Do you know what it is?
And yes, to the ease (and necessity) of weeding after rain.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

No I don't know what the first flower is. The blossoms were about an inch across on 3 foot skinny stalks. Mountain laurel favors the same soil and moisture as rhododendrons with less light. Hard to grow in Michigan (the Arb has a special area good for them)


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