Monday, June 2, 2014

The Speakeasy and Zingerman's

Eclectic art pieces in the Speakeasy 

The venue is located in an ice cellar. Seats 30 at most

The Ark sign from the coffeehouse located in an old house near where I lived while going to school

The performers: Bottle Rocket Cabaret featuring blues and folk

Naomi's backside can be seen on left. Although she has not agreed to go back to her natural red, she will not go back to the hideous brown that she has been sporting for the past few months. It has faded with her swimming laps every day

They recently expanded the seating areas so even more tourists can be accommodated

Allie ripping off her table cover

Josh and Julie
Blogging has become much more difficult again as despite it being a Google product, I can't open Blogger up in Chrome . It was like that for 3 months and then mysteriously, all was well. I am using IE with messages flashing that this browser is unsupported. It is much more difficult to use.

A fun weekend with beautiful weather. We had a Mom's Night Out (post partum support group for babies turning 35 this summer..can you believe it?)Saturday. First dinner at the re-opened Seva. I had the portabella ravioli and then to Johnny's Speakeasy, a small concert venue located in an old ice cellar in a residential neighbor hood (thus no signs or parking). Bring your own booze and snacks. I swear we had a stream of 30 e-mails back and forth trying to organize this. The featured singer cancelled out at the last minute but we really enjoyed his replacements. Lots of fun with such hits as The Stalker's Song and Nobody loves a Fat Girl. Three of us are red wine drinkers; the other 2 white. We made up more that fourth of the audience. They had a sign from the Ark which we went to quite a bit while I was living in Stevens' Co-op (the Ark still exists but it has moved into a more commercial space).

No wind Sunday morning, which made it ideal for bicycling. Instead of heading northwest, I went northeast going on roads that I haven't been on. 26 miles...less than our shortest day will be.
Josh had a hankering for Zingermans (an expensive hankering as it turned out). Julie has never been there or to Kerrytown so we explored after our lunch. Allie is now 8 months and is such a joy. All smiles.

It is very humid now. Rain won't come, if at all, until late afternoon. Should I water?

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Elephant's Child said...

Looking good.
I don't envy you the humidity though. It turns me into a sad, soggy and sorry mess.


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