Sunday, January 31, 2010

A crib of ones own

Belly at 17 weeks

Day 3 of Beached Whaledom in the House of Ex-tumors,Teenage Pregnancy, and Demanding Dogs. I hate just lying around here though maybe I will walk with Sunny later as Steve has had to provide most of her entertainment. What she wants: to catch balls non-stop. I am getting better but the throat is still sore. I need to take less pain meds now to make life tolerable so that's an improvement nor do I see those blisters anymore. The on call doctor wouldn't write me a script for antibiotics without either a case of strep throat that I was exposed to or the results of the rapid-Strep test. There are presumably alot of sore throats now not caused by strep. Plus I wasn't running a fever making strep unlikely. I started to wait in the after-hours clinic near me but was told that my insurance wouldn't cover anything and I was in for a 2 hour wait. So tough it out. Did I say that our new insurance sucks? It won't cover the hospitals near us or any doctors in Ann Arbor excepting a few osteopaths.

Ms. Naomi spent part of the day shopping for a crib despite having no money. I pointed out that a used crib would cost much less but she found that very offensive. She said that her baby wasn't sleeping in a used crib. I pointed out that at least 3 babies used her crib before her and then 15 years after buying it, I sold it for almost as much as I had paid for it. (ironically the crib salesman was the prostate cancer survivor in my LiveStrong class-small world)

I guess we all make promises to our babies. Back in elementary school, I was selected for a pilot 'gifted child' afterschool enrichment program. However it required a dollar/week contribution for books. My father stated he didn't have the money for that kind of BS. (We were not 'poor' but he had some crippling to everyone around him hoarding disorder-money being the prinicpal hoarding object). I swore I would never do that to my kids. If they wanted books to read, I'd buy them. Two out of three refused to read for pleasure but we let the reader buy anything she wanted to read. Later, Josh became a reader too but he was out of the house by then.

I will need to convince her that a used crib doesn't mean her child isn't loved.

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Sara Williams said...

my word no.... having a second hand anything does not mean you are unloved! Most babies were kept in drawers because people were too poor to buy cribs, I actually NEVER turn down second hand clothes and stuff because it is alll so expensive. In fact; I bought a second hand crib for my boys then sold it on.....

If you are rich, you can throw money at children and buy all the latest stuff etc BUT the poorest kids are the richest because the poor kids may not have the latest or coolest gear but they are LOVED and thats what counts.


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