Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's on for today

This is the menu from our first night in Italy. Note the donkey stew. I went for the osso buco (not seen) and Teri went for the polenta-not the snail variety

I am a sucker for buying items that sound good enough to eat. Many of my past lotion and shampoo purchases sound delicious. I have to be more picky now that I have 'color-treated hair' so I don't use dye stripping sulphates. So polenta above is translated as 'corn meal mush'. This may be an accurate translation but not an esthetically pleasing one. The other day I bought some 'Asian pear hibiscus white tea'. Sounds yummy but it sadly wasn't.

It hasn't been above freezing here for several weeks although it might hit 33 Wednesday. Our energy bill was huge even though my friend who likes to sleep with the window open(!!!-obviously not worried about global warming) was only here for the first part of December. Though it was cold, I need fresh air and sunshine so I ran on a very narrow strip in the middle of the road that had partially melted jumping aside into the ice zone every few minutes to let cars pass. I miss the miles of dry pavement.

Josh and I went to a new sushi place near my house that is spelled Naomi with an extra letter inserted. (I am paranoid about putting actual names unless I say something good about it. I read some negative reviews about this place in Italy followed by comments from the owner of said place saying he was going to sue). The place was very friendly giving us free treats to entice us to come back but I still prefer the place on campus. Josh and I had a good talk about many life issues. I am not left wanting to pull out the few strands of my chemfro as I am after discussions with Ms. Naomi.

Later a friend came over for wine and to watch "My Sister's Keeper" that I had started to watch on the way to Italy hoping to finish it on the return trip but NW's viewing system was broken on the way back. Flight 265-same as the infamous Nigerian underwear bomber). Rats. A sad movie about a designer baby conceived to provide body parts for her ailing sister. Lots of chemo scenes bringing me back to a sad time.

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Sara Williams said...

When it comes to European countries dishes I will refuse to eat anything such as donkey or horse meat for the simple reason that alot of these animals are bought from Britain and Ireland then transported to the required country in inhumane conditions. There are laws within the UK regarding the transport of livestock but not throughout Europe.

Glad you have got some running in, I am on the treadmill tomorrow grrrrrrrrrr

Take care!


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