Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Mama

This is what 16 weeks,3 days looks like

By this time in my pregnancy, I had gained enough to nourish full term octuplets. When I had showed up at 13 weeks with Shanna, I wanted to hear the baby's heartbeat. The OB was reluctant saying that he could try but we might not hear it and I was not to get upset but it might be difficult to hear because um, ahem, you're big.
Just try, please.
We heard it. He could have saved the 'you're fat' speech if we didn't hear it. And I wasn't fat when I got pregnant but I then couldn't stop eating even when I was feeling queasy.

Cold and windy so back to the Y where I ran around and around and around. At home I do research on the various cancers my friends/family are dealing with now. Cancer all over the damn place. The local basketball coach's uterine muscle cancer has now metastised to her scalp-a very rare event.

We also need another car. With Naomi having our 2nd car, we have to carefully plan our comings and goings so the other isn't stranded. Steve needs to drive to NY soon which would leave me stranded here. More research.

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