Monday, January 25, 2010


Baby Tae-Nae

There's this program on the web that predicts what your baby will look like by combining features from the parents' face shots. Naomi spent a lot of time with this yesterday; her handiwork is above. She refers to herself as Nae and Dontae as Tae, thus the baby Taenae. Hopefully this name is not on her list. And she's been writing lists, naming the baby is so much fun! And there is still a chance that it's a girl and they are more fun to name. Still she and Dontae are rooting for a boy. It is hard to predict what the baby will look like, computer program aside, but the baby will be big. There isn't such a prejudice against 'big girls' as I experienced growing up but there is some. Naomi still subtracts an inch from her height when reporting it though she certainly doesn't avoid wearing heels. She seems to like to teeter over people's heads. I hated those fairy tales with the dainty heroines and their damn small feet. I had huge feet and was several standard deviations taller than my peers, even those who eventually became taller than me. I felt like Baby Huey amongst the cute, tiny chicks. It was assumed that I had flunked several grades. I had one woman lecture me on how I should be ashamed of myself for trick or treating as I was so big (and thus old). I was 11. Taenae will not be tiny.

I had her watch that Pregnancy Pact movie. She did not see see herself in it at all and was annoyed that I would think that she had anything in common with the girls-they are younger, whom did she have a pact with anyway, she didn't do this on purpose, she's graduated from high school, etc.

Earlier in the day, it was back to the gym working on morphing myself. There is a great body in here buried somewhere...really. They had a free spinning class that I walked in towards the end. Something different from the ellipitical that I usually do to work on the non-running muscles.

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