Sunday, January 17, 2010


Sunny claims the couch. She will growl if Spud even touches the couch. Woe to any dog who touches her food or toys

Sunny is my 4 year old granddog who is staying with us for the 3 day weekend while her humans ski up north. She is not happy about it and for the first few hours made lots of mournful noises. In the Dogs of Babel, a man's dog is the only witness to his girlfriend's murder/suicide. If only the dog could talk, then the man would know what happened. He then goes about teaching the dog to interesting read. Sunny's vocalizations sound almost human sometimes but I think I know what she is saying which is Why oh why did they leave me here with this old smelly pug who won't play with me? This sucks so much. I am so, so sad. To further show her bereftness, she went on a hunger strike. But after 24 hours, she resumed eating and making the best of it begging us non-stop to play fetch or at least go for a walk.

I did try to run with her but between squirrel sightings that would turn into sudden direction changes and with still some icy spots on the road, I took her back. Later I thought I spotted a fox before she did when I let her off leash but it turned out to be a shibu inu in a probable electric yard (which won't protect it from bigger animals).

When she barks, the whole house echoes. I am used to Spud's quiet vocalizations which mainly consist of snorting and grunting.Pugs in general have a very feeble bark due to shortened airways. Our house is safe from intruders on Sunny's watch.

I still have trouble sleeping at night. Rather than stare at the ceiling, I go into Josh's old room to read, do puzzles, anything than have negative thoughts spinning around. I found Sunny sprawled across the bed and she wasn't thrilled to cede it to me.

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Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

This comment is for Renee. Blogger said I couldn't comment on your blog unless I am a team member, which I thought I was. I will post it here hoping you'll see it.

So glad those possible mets turned out not to be. Scary, scary, scary. Maybe I should try acupunture for my arm pain that still hasn't subsided. I think it's probably nerve damage but....

The on-going saga with that nasty control freak is so sad. I wish you and your daughter strength in dealing with him.


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