Monday, January 4, 2010

Ice, ice, baby...

This woman needs some hair!

Actually I have almost 4 inches of hair now if I straighten out the curls. Now I am hoping it won't grow so fast as I am beginning to see roots. Fortunately the curls cover up quite a bit. I even have a full set of eyelashes too.

The roads were all slick with ice this morning. I called to see if Josh made it to work safely as he has a 30 mile commute. Shanna made it back to Boston safely yesterday.

I got my Y membership back so icy roads shouldn't stop me from running. I did strength training today for the first time in 3 weeks. My one arm has become increasingly useless. Resting has made it worse. Bicep curls and lat pull downs are increasingly painful. Even sit-ups are difficult because now it hurts to place my hands behind my head. I am hoping that this is some kind of nerve damage. That doesn't sound good but better than what I am very much afraid of.

I was wearing my favorite, cheap t-shirt (cheap is good because it is particularly thin so I won't get too hot exercising) that says "Albergo Firenze'. A nice man came up to ask me about it. Turns out he is married to a woman from Pescara (Abruzzo)Italy and visits Italy often. He was very surprised I ever heard of the town but I was more surprised he heard of the tiny Abbruzziese town I stayed in. He says he speaks a little Italian but can not roll his 'r's due to being born with a high palate. That made me laugh as I have this same high palate though the tongue is supposed to roll right behind his teeth, not on the roof of his mouth like he thought.
One of my kids has this same high palate. My day care provider called me panicked as it appeared to her that the baby had no roof in her mouth. She showed me her own baby who had a low roof. The pediatrician didn't think much of this 'defect' though said that it may impact her speech. Of course, this baby spoke clearly and early. I don't know if she can roll her 'r's though. My other baby can.

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Teri B. said...

Congrats on getting back the Y membership! I won't talk about the weather here...I will say this, though: Fifty-plus year old tendons and ligaments can be over-reactive and uncooperative even if they have not been chemo'd or irradiated. i have been doing some new "core" work and my reliable body gets stiff and immobile. Grrr. This too shall pass?


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