Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Indoor garden

One of the many aspects about winter I dislike is the lack of flowers. I do have a few in bloom. I've had the azaela for 2.5 years and it blooms several times in the winter. The orchid I received for X-mas; the geraniums I try to save over the winter. Also starting to bloom after no activity for more than a year is the kalanchoe (I have no idea how to spell this-succulent plant with lots of little red, pink or orange flowers). It is relatively warm today (27 deg)and since parts of our neighborhood are school bus routes, they started salting again. A clear path for me. It has not been above freezing here for a long while. I rather run outside than inside. Since I restarted my weight training and stretching program, I am feeling less pain in my arm. This gives me hope that it can't be the dreaded bone mets, which would get worse with time. Still if I reach for something, I get a sharp pain.

I spent a relatively pleasant day with Naomi yesterday. I decided to give her a day in which I don't try to 'fix' her. I have to bite my tongue around her. We went to lunch and then to the movies to see Nine a musical in the style of Chicago (same director) but not nearly as good. But we both loved the costumes, the actors, the glitz and for me, the Italian setting. She then spent hours here doing her boyfriends's laundry to counteract his claim (I'm sure he is right) that she doesn't pull her weight.

Today she called demanding money eroding any good feelings that we had from the day before. She has so far to go towards growing up. I have so much trouble dealing with the disappointment I have in her. We have a lot of things to iron out before her semester resumes next week.

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Daria said...

It's nice to have an indoor garden ... each blossom is just so refreshing.


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