Friday, January 15, 2010


Part of the exhibit we saw yesterday at the Detroit Institute of Arts

To keep my mind off the life changing news I received this week, I've been keeping busy. Wednesday I met with the "Cooking for Survivorship" ladies (and occasional male support people). Usually there are about 12 of us. A lady I knew from the past strolled in. I hadn't seen her since Josh graduated. Oh no, not you too! Most of us there are BC survivors including our teacher. Someone brought a book highlighting the diet differences between people living in India and the huge differences in cancer rates especially of those cancers linked to fat consumption (breast, uterine, colon, prostate..). Also the Alzheimer's rates there are one fifth of ours. One might argue that if you die from dysentery at 20, you will be spared cancer but it could be due to their superior diet. Also Indian diets are especially rich in phytochemicals-from spices and the various vegetables.So our teacher features foods that are full of presumed cancer fighting nutrients but low in fats and rarely have animal protein. Butternut squash, coconut and pear soup; cream of tomato-spinach soup; cannellini bean and sweet potato soup were made. A recipe for carrot, ginger, coconut soup was also provided.

The other day, I took down the tree counting the ornaments: 229.

Yesterday a friend and I went to the Avedon exhibit in Detroit stopping off in Ferndale for my favorite pho bowl first at The Fly Trap. I don't think I've been to the DIA since I was a kid excepting to their film program. I love the Diego murals and the elaborate wisteria gate.

Tonight is our 30th anniversary of our 'post-partum' support group. There are 5 of us left. I debated whether to go because right now, I feel like such a failure.

I am still running and it is finally above freezing though I still almost fell today on black ice.

This weekend we will be dog sitting for our granddog Sunny, the German Shepherd.

At night is the hardest. I fall asleep readily but awake around one and then the mind starts spinning. I try to distract myself by reading or concentrating on logic puzzles. Maybe at 4, I fall asleep again.

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