Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bird

Note the middle finger. This is for Grandma for wishing away the reality

According to the ultrasound, my 3rd grandson should be born around 7-8-10. Since it is a little early (16 weeks)to determine sex and the technician went back and forth a couple of times whether she saw the tell-tale 3 lines of a girl vs the protrusion of a boy, she is saying it's a boy with only 65% confidence-slightly better than 50-50. They will know for sure next time. In the meantime, all looks well and the baby is unusually active. The father had tears in his eyes as he saw his baby for the first time. They are already planning the baby's basketball career. His initial coach will be his dad. So they are both very excited. Me? Well.... Naomi is so young and so immature...but this is going to happen so I need to deal with it.

So this bit of news trickled down to me last week and I was shocked. I've lectured her almost daily on how to avoid this situation but to obvious deaf ears. Allegedly it was not planned and she could provide me with no dates last week. The blood tests indicated 10-12 weeks; the strong heartbeat suggested a later date and her uterus was consistant with a 14 week pregnancy. Her belly is flat as a board though she complains she's lost her 6 pack.. But by ultrasound, the baby is 16 weeks and that's what they are going by. I wonder if it just is a big for gestational age fetus, this has happened before.

For now, she is our dependent and has our even worse insurance. I complained so much about our insurance last year: this one hardly covers anything and the nearest hospital is 25 miles away. There is one OB it covers in Ann Arbor and fortunately she is a warm, patient woman. We have to go to Livonia for lab tests and the ultrasound facility is in Canton-all a hike from here.

So I am conflicted. A new grandchild..yay!!! A baby that I will have alot of responsibility for.... OMG!!!! Help!


Teri B. said...

Wow! I have to say that, to the untrained eye, it really, really looks like a boy...

Alli said...

I'm not sure how I would handle a similar situation.
When the bottom line come right to the bottom line you will do the best you can. My son's friend had a child at 16. He seems to be fairly proactive.He is now 18 his daughter is now 2. Yes grandma does a large portion.....

Alli xx


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