Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday funny

My canine guest will soon leave. She demands a lot of attention. To siphon off some of her energy, I take her to the woods and throw the ball around made difficult by my bad right shoulder. The tennis ball is bright orange and green but unless she tracks it as I throw it, she can't see it against the snow and has to smell it out. Running with her is difficult. While I run at my top speed, she is comfortably trotting. Today she found a golden retriever to chase around. The golden didn't care about her but really, really wanted that tennis ball.

I helped Naomi with her school work yesterday. It will become harder and harder for her. She was in a good mood-in fantasy land-but I am not quite sharing her dream here.

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Sara Williams said...

All of those chocolate bars! We dont have any of them over here, maybe I should do a british chocolate bar picture?


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