Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday boys

Birthday cupcakes

Oliver and Steve from this summer

Oliver turned 2 today: his grandpa turned..some real big number. Oliver was due mid-February but apparently did not want to wait that long. Fortunately he held out for me to make the 755 mile trip there. I was so lucky to have a break from the non-stop snow that winter. The time has gone by so fast and now he has a little brother and a cousin on the way.

I took Naomi for more prenatal testing explaining to her every single test. She was trying to understand the Rh compatiability issue but I don't know if she if is neg. Her sister isn't but her brother is. Dontae came along for the ride. At one point, she thought I insulted him, which I don't think I did but it put her in a testy mood for the rest of our trip. Dealing with her is walking on eggshells.

Later I went to deal with my roots, my new problem as I never had dyed my hair before. My hairdresser cut off some of the chemo ends and thinned out the sides so I won't have that Bozo the Clown look anymore. My chemo curls seem to be relaxing as time goes on. When they disappear, I will grow out my hair again as short straight hair doesn't look good on me. Fortunately it still is thick.

Steve and I will go out tonight to celebrate his birthday. Wish I could be with the grandsons...

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