Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday moaning

I am still not 100% healthy so again, I didn't exercise, not that going outside right now looks all that inviting. I did walk with Sunny yesterday to burn off her energy rolling the ball down the hills for her to chase in the woods. She is very agile.But now she is at her own home.

Naomi came over to work on microbiology. Hopefully she is retaining it although the pictures of the infections some of these organisms cause, she won't forget any time soon. She is excited to receive one of Shanna's cribs even though it is 'used'.She's afraid her boyfriend won't approve of a used crib for his precious child. I wouldn't even begin to describe the many ways the condition of their apartment is 'unsuitable for a baby'. That should be their top priority.

This drug that I take for my Graves' disease is no longer available and my doctor won't return my calls about a suitable replacement. Argh.

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