Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sue Redux

I've finally emerged from my slothdom of 4 days. I had only left the house once in as many days and that was to entertain Sunny. But today, back to running, which I dreaded as it was snowing and I thought I'd be weak but I felt fine and toasty. It was good to be moving again. I am not sure what my ailment was, no symptoms of a cold-just a very painful throat and my vomiting episodes, which I think was a reaction to the Vicodin. But it's gone and I'm glad.

Naomi was able to feel her baby kick for the first time yesterday. She was thrilled.

Steve and I saw Up in the Air. I always regarded Clooney as just smug eye candy but I was very impressed with his performance in this. I also liked the actress who played his young replacement. Some of the scenes were shot in Detroit shown as a very depressing place. All in all, a great movie.

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Lisa L said...

really glad you're feeling better! has neomi thought about boys names yet? those first kicks are awesome :)


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