Monday, February 15, 2010

Miracle House

While rooting around through others' blogs today, I learned of Miracle House ( This is a place that family members and/or patients can stay while receiving treatment in mid-town Manhattan. Otherwise staying in Manhattan is unbelievably expensive.

Steve is on his way to see his family member trying to out-drive a storm. The patient is undergoing rescue therapy; poisoned by high amounts of methotrexate and then 'rescued' at the last minute by calcium leucovorin.

On my very first day of work in Detroit, I had to climb a ladder, shovel in some column support material, and then add a slurry of crude leucovorin to clean the material up so it could be used to rescue patients. Later in the day, the secretarty took me over to get the standard issue 'female' uniform-a pillowcase dress! I told her that I had to climb a ladder 20 feet high earlier. Would this be appropriate in a dress?

But calcium leucovorin is a pain to make. I guess they are still using it.

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