Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Le mie cugine

Everytime that I am alone in my car, I listen to my Italian tapes just so that I won't forget what the language sounds like. I have two sets of tapes of my own and recently got another 2 sets from the library. I am getting more consistant with rolling my 'r's. I went to Royal Oak today to meet with my cousins and my aunt so I was able to go through an entire set of tapes. I did stop by my parents' home and by some miracle, someone seems to be living in it now. When it was built in the 60s, my parents' house was quite nice but years of neglect plus having this vermin squatter living in it, took its toll. When my father died, the house was in absolute shambles and stuffed to the gills with trash. I sold it to a flipper for half of what it would have been worth if it had been maintained. Alot of work was put into it but by the time the flippers had finished, the housing market went downhill and it remained unsold for 5 years. But apparently someone finally bought it as I could see signs of life inside.

My mom had 2 sisters (actually there were 4 girls in all but one had died very young) and each of them had a daughter (along with some sons). Today we 3 daughters got together along with my mom's oldest sister for a nice lunch and gossip time.

So much of our time is spent dealing with insurance issues. We pay for dental insurance but all our claims were denied as they said, no we don't. Back and forth on that one to get it straightened out. Then they stopped withdrawing our health insurance out of our pension. More calls. Steve spent numerous hours on hold.

And now my thyroid replacement medicine is not available indefinitely so I needed to switch back to this stuff that I don't think is as effective. What I want is the natural thyroid extract which is a mixture of the thyroid hormone itself and its prodrug that the body will turn into 'the good stuff' as needed. What I have to take now is the prodrug form and my doctor sends in a script for the wrong dosage-off by a factor of 2. Either he can't do the math or read my chart but fixing this will be a pain.

And Naomi continues her immature, scary wasteful ways. We let her have a credit card saying it's only for gas but she quickly treats all her friends to dinner several times plus buy $63 of make-up maxxing out quickly. So no credit card for her. I don't know what she could have been thinking.  So.. So..scary. Maybe when I am 75, I will be done with child-raising...

But my friend has got good news after her grueling surgery. No more treatment for her beyond recovering from the surgery. And my relative won't need the really scary treatment for the recurrence but is doing now a difficult treatment nonetheless. I really hate cancer.


Lisa L said...

i think once you become a mum you are forced to grow up. really, really quickly.i speak from my own experience:) i know you're worried. but once that little one is born, neomi will probably change exponentially. is dontae's mum involved at all? having 2 grans involved would be a good won't feel like you're carrying all the load.

Lisa L said...

please forgive my misspelling of your daughter's beautiful name! and now that i look at 'misspelling' that looks wrong too! lol

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks Lisa for your input and don't worry about the misspelling as I know that Blogger won't let you edit your comments-happens to me all the time.
His mom is excited by the new grandchild but has several grandkids already and kids (9 kids in all-most still at home) and works fulltime. I really hope that the baby will force Naomi to grow up. She has a very low frustration threshold and as you well know-babies can frustrate.


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