Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rh factor

Almost 20 weeks-halfway there!

Naomi had another OB appt-All fine! She had the results of all her blood work-normal thyroid, has high titers of antibodies against chickpox and rubella, none against herpes, normal blood sugar, not anemic, etc. She also is Rh negative and there is a good chance that Dontae is Rh positive (Rh negative is 16% prevalent in Caucasians, only 3% in Blacks)so Rhogam for her so she won't develop antibodies to her baby's blood. She opted out of the alpha feto protein blood test that may indicate Downs' syndrome or spinal defects. She said she didn't think she could abort her baby regardless of the findings. While pregnant with her, I had a low blood level suggestive of Down's syndrome. I had already had amniocentesis and karotyping done because of my advanced age so this was a false result. But if I hadn't had it done, it would have caused alot of needlesss worry. She might get another ultrasound in 6 weeks.

Warmer today but not soon enough for me to avoid running in slush this morning. Naomi is very, very hungry now. She had a hankering for crepes, eating them faster than I could make them.

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