Sunday, February 28, 2010

The long road to babies

Naomi and I are finally in Boston after our long drive here. I didn't get much sleep the night before we left. Naomi didn't show up here until well past midnight and I was nervous about her driving in yet another storm. Plus the car was completely gasless and as I soon found out, without wiper fluid. We needed to take the car we let her drive despite its smaller gas tank,less comfort, worse mileage,etc because we need space to bring the crib back. But it has a thermometer which I nervously watched to make sure it was too warm for ice, a moonroof, and a sound system that makes glass rattle within a quarter mile of us. Our ride was uneventful until we got aound Hamiliton Ontario in which we were in a lake effect snow squall and fog making it difficult to see the car in front of me. As we got closer to the border crossing, the road had become a single track in deep slush. Where were the road crews? We crossed the long bridge over the Niagara River sliding the whole way. It seemed we were the only car on the road. I almost got stuck in a deep drift right outside customs. Fortunately they had cleared the US side but Naomi had typed that we wanted to avoid tollroads into our GPS so we were off on a very painfully slow road that added 30 minutes to our trip before I realized what had happened. It was clear after that and warm enough so that we didn't worry about snow anymore. It was beautiful driving through the Berkshires with the trees covered with snow and the mountains. Once we descended from them, there wasn't even snow on the ground (around our house has 24 inches).
So we made it in about 12.5 hours. Naomi drove the flatter areas of New York. Daniel has changed alot but now has the croup which is making him miserable. I needed to sleep not long after we got there.
Around midnight, I thought my ears were ringing due to dehydration but no, a fire alarm. Naomi never even heard it. I assumed the college kids living here set off the alarm and buried my head. I didn't want to get up and run down 5 flights of stairs to stand in the cold much less take the babies out or try to wake Naomi up. But after 10 minutes, the alarm stopped and I went back to dreams of giant insects attacking me.

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