Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Calm before the storm

20 weeks 3 days

So our spring couldn't last. Tomorrow a snowstorm will hit us. Just as I finished running 7 miles, Josh and Sunny came over for a long walk in the Arb. There seems to many more swans than usual wintering in the Huron River. Very pretty, I should have taken my camera with me to capture the snowy riverbanks and the swans. Sunny of course wanted a piece of them. We did release her into a flock of Canada geese on the soccer fields. She gleefully charged full speed into them scattering them into the winds. The flock must have had 100 individuals. Last week Sunny encountered a deer in the arb but it didn't ignite her prey instinct. She merely sniffed the air. But squirrels and cats, beware!

I enjoy our walks and talks; makes parenthood very worthwhile. When we returned to my house, Naomi and Dontae were over doing their laundry. After throwing up for 2 days, Naomi seems interested again in eating. This weeks's anatomy task is memorizing all the muscle groups: not fun.

Tonight is the ice dancing finals. Josh's friends are not expected to medal but it should be fun watching them.

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