Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, snow, go away....

The source of our yummy knishes conveniently only 1 mile away from where Steve
stayed. It is a Kosher pizza place so no meat on those pizzas. Restaurants are
either meat or dairy-no Kosher restaurant would serve both. So fish..meat or
dairy? If you guessed meat, you would be wrong.
The old time knishery in the Lower East Side. Steve got some knishes there until
we found a better source.

Steve and his brother in front of their old house in East New York. A few years
ago, standing there would be risky but gentrification is encroaching. New
Yorkers must love white cars!!!!

Steve (the tall brown haired one) and his brother in the same spot only 52 years
ago. Their mom is off to the side. A few years later, their family moved to
Brighton Beach
Well I had hoped to be on the road to Boston by this time today but storm after storm stand in my path. I'm tired of that perky Weather Channel lady gleefully reporting record snowfalls here and there, trees crushing New Yorkers in Central Park, expressway closures, airport closures. Good thing Steve got out while he could. It looks only somewhat better tomorrow.
And the snow is piling up here too with black ice in the morning threatening my son's life. So no running outside for me-it is windy too along with the slick conditions. I did run around the Y track and then worked with weights hoping that it will help my bad arm. Yesterday I went to visit my housebound friend though I think soon she'll be able to drive where she wants.
Naomi once had a friend who was a kleptomaniac. Her room was full of stolen objects-from friends and from stores. Naomi had contact lenses that made her eyes intensely blue. The girl did ask if she could have a pair though they would not be her prescription. Naomi told her no. Shortly thereafter, Naomi's entire stock of blue contacts went missing, about $200 worth. I was furious but there was really no way to prove that this girl stole them. A few months later, she was observed with intensely blue eyes and this was reported to Naomi. Naomi went to the mom and told her about her daughter, which was no surprise to the mom who also had observed the contacts. I had to send this woman a receipt for the contacts and I did get a check. But I wanted Naomi never, never to have anything to do with this thief again. Now the girl has taken Naomi's pix off her Facebook, cut the heads off, and claims that it is herself that it is pregnant. This is one strange girl.

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