Monday, March 1, 2010


Poor Daniel! He is having such a difficult time with the croup. When he cries, it is this squeaky high pitched cry and we end up laughing at him as he sounds so funny. He stops and laughs with us but then remembers how miserable he is and resumes his crying. He wheezes as he breathes but isn't terribly sick, is alert and still wants to eat. Shanna has him in the shower now so he has moist air to breath.
Naomi is learning alot about babies. Oliver loves Curious George so lots of his clothes have monkeys on them. I said that Naomi's baby probably will get these clothes and she got mad. A black baby wearing monkeys? What could I be thinking?

So Shanna lives on the water which has miles of paths along it. Nice to run on except that most of it is concrete, extra hard on my legs. I went close to 7 miles yesterday but today was extremely windy and Oliver needed to be at his class early in the morning. He is in a toddler class to help with his expressive language issues. He actually speaks quite a bit but has his own language. He will probably be reading before he speaks sentences as he knows all his letters. We watched him through a one way mirror. It is good for him to have other kids to interact with. We then went to Brookline for some crepes.

I took Oliver for a walk later along the water. He ran the whole time we were out. So much energy!

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