Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My baby is turning 19!!!

Age 17
Age 3

Age 1
For her birthday, she gets to find out the sex of her baby later today. Hopefully I will have a good picture of this baby, stay tuned!
Robins are no longer a harbinger of spring as it is now warm enough for some of them to stay all winter but today while running out of town I saw another sign of spring; the turkey vulture. When they are on the ground, they are difficult to distinguish from a turkey but as I got closer, it flew off (hard for turkeys) plus it was somewhat by itself (turkeys usually are in clusters). So ugly! The frogs are still singing. Now a different kind is chiming in too so it's quite noisy.

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Sara Williams said...

She looks like you!

Where do the years go when you have children? It only seems like a moment ago and they were babies I have to keep pinching myself to think that my little Joseff goes to high school in September.

Keep me posted about the baby x


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