Friday, March 19, 2010

Tempus fugit

Daniel eyeing me suspiciously as I push him in his stroller. His eyes are still blue but are showing signs of changing to brown
A rare moment in which Oliver is sitting still. I finally got him to look at me. From this trip, I have much more pictures of Daniel as he can't run around like Oliver. Oliver is in constant motion

Oliver considers, just for a second, his next move at the park

Daniel is enjoying the fresh air too

Back at the ranch , Baby Taenae continues to grow. 24 weeks yesterday
I was trying to get a run in before Shanna came. Steve was going to some presentation about our health care changes (inconveniently scheduled in Dearborn for Ann Arbor people) and if she came earlier than planned, she'd come to an empty house. There would be no stopping on this run to stretch, blow my nose, try to identify some strange bird or any of the excuses I usually give myself. Sometimes when I tell people I run, they tell me they couldn't run as it is too boring. Well I guess I am easily amused. No I can multitask meaning I can think and run at the same time along with taking in my surroundings. True some of my thoughts are too focused on how much longer do I think I still have to be out there but in general, the thoughts are more pleasant than the ones that come to me in the middle of the night such as:
Median time to recurrences from diagnosis for TNBC: 18.9 months
Median time from recurrence to death: 7.5 months
Time from my diagnosis to present: 18.4 months
Naomi's various shenanigans
Unfinished business
Widening gulf between 2 parties that I won't mention
But the time flies by while I run-generally. Sometimes every step is an effort such as when I tried to run during chemo. It was very pretty out and it felt good to run. I was showered by the time Shanna's family came.
Shanna and I took the babies to the park. Oliver loves to run around and Daniel got his first swing experience. He had to go back to the hospital for his check-up. They were given a nebulizer for home treatments but he seems to be on the mend. Oliver took a long nap during the time I was to watch him. Time is flying by too in my life. It wasn't so long ago my kids were babies and now they are having babies. Naomi came over with her dog that fortunately knows to give Oliver wide berth. She loves running on top of Daniel though. We tried to weigh the puppy by difference: 5 lbs.
Later I went to the cheapie movies in the mall with a friend to see The Blind Side, which I enjoyed. I don't think I've been in that mall for a year- I'm not much for malls.
Today I get one more baby visit and then I will have fun with my friends. No time for running but tomorrow I can make up for it.

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