Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck O' The Irish

Josh holding Daniel last X-mas

Josh at 9 holding Naomi the newborn

Today is Josh's birthday. He is now 28 years old, which still is hard for me to believe. From a very active little boy, to a mature, married man, I have seen him grow. He has been a joy. We will take him out later today. He celebrates his birthday in shifts: first the family then with his friends of whom he has many.
My father's maternal grandfather (Graham, which was my middle name)immigrated from Ireland in the 1880s, which makes me at least one-eighth Irish. I believe his wife was also Irish (Saxby?possibly Welsh). Everyone on my father's father's side was Scottish. Our family is now quite the melting pot-Jewish, Chinese, Arab, African-American...Let's hope for hybrid vigor.
We now have beautiful spring weather and I was out running soon after waking yesterday. Despite the weather though, a sadness gnawed at me most of the day and I spent too much time choking back tears. I will control these thoughts though. It will pass.
Shanna and Daniel came over to go for Shanna's haircut with Stephanie, the hairdresser. She knows the both of us well so it was fun catching up with her and showing off Daniel. We were also able to eat out, a rarity for Shanna as Oliver makes meals out a challenge. Tuesdays are study days. Oh how I wished I could be outside!
On the schedule today is Naomi's check-up and hopefully a visit from the grandkids. Then out with Josh and Julia.I am getting tired so maybe I'll skip running but then I will feel guilty for wasting a pretty day.


Sara Williams said...

Josh is a good looking guy at 9! Its amazing how fast time flies with children. My eldest is 11 and will be going to high school in September and I still have to keep pinching myself.

Me? I am virtually 100% welsh/irish but definately celt however, there may be a smidge of jewish in there !!!

Teri B. said...

OMG--that Josh gets more and more handsome as the years go by--whoa! Anyway, I have loved your posts from the last few is too bad that Dakota didn't show up 6 months ago in Naomi's life. It may have been a reality check. Anyway, my cousin Judy, a teen mom at 16, and is now a great grandmother, just buried her husband of 50 years...she feels happy and blessed...


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