Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What does it take to be a good mom?

For the past 4 nights, Daniel's respiratory infection (diagnosed by the doctor as RSV virus)has made it difficult for him to feed or sleep. He also is teething. He does not suffer in silence. Shanna walks with him for hours getting by on just a few hours of sleep. Meanwhile Naomi can completely block him out. This does not bode well for baby Taenae. Maybe she will rise to the occasion with her own child..maybe. Of course she is suffering too as she keeps reminding anyone within earshot. She has a minor infection that she finds intensely painful. Noone know the pain she's in-noone. Labor, broken arms, kidney infections, post-surgical pain-she just wishes that she had those conditions instead. We just don't know what pain is. Can't wait for her to be in labor.

Meanwhile her studies are being neglected. She has a big test when she returns from her break but is too miserable to concentrate. She spends her days on the phone complaining to Dontae on how miserable she is. He's probably counting his blessings she's gone.

It was sunny yesterday so I went on a long run to Castle Island-almost 9 miles, my longest run in a very long time. There is a mile long stretch in which the path is a narrow causeway in the middle of Boston Harbor and so one is almost surrounded by water. Logan Airport is just an island away so the landing planes are very close overhead..

While Shanna and Daniel were at the doctor, Naomi, Oliver and I went to the water. In general, Naomi likes the ocean but she walked like a 90 year old woman having to take frequent breaks. But the sun and water cheered her up some.

But in the evening, it was back to self pity for her. I am not sure what requires more patience, trying to soothe a sick baby night after night on very little sleep or dealing with a very immature teenager that soon will need to find some strength to deal with what's coming. Serenity now!!!


Teri B. said...

Yikes--RSV--Hannah contracted that while in the hospital at 11 months (dehydrated from intestinal virus). But, as Nancy Spates says: little kids, little problems...big kids, big problems... HMMM.

Lisa L said...

so sorry about the sick little of my kids wound up at childrens' hosp in denver with rsv aged 6 weeks. that was one sick baby girl. and your daughter...your worry about how things will go for her is palpable. hoping, hoping, hoping that she'll mature once the baby arrives. i know its pointless saying try not to worry...but best wishes to you..


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