Thursday, March 25, 2010


The lady slipper I have has been in bloom for more than 4 months now and my new yellow orchid
My kalachoe is full of blooms now too
Orchids are named after the Greek word for testicle due to the little sac most orchids have. My friend and I went to an orchid nursery today. Many different kinds of beautiful blooms. Hopefullly the one I bought will be easy to care for. My lady slipper still survives. At another nursery, they had a pond of multicolored carp some of which were quite beautiful. For a penny, you could feed them fish chow. They were jumping out of the water to get at our food. Sadly I only had my phone camera with me.
It was a dreary, rainy day so no running. I did lift weights for a while. Then off for a hospital tour. The website said every 4th Thursday, a tour but noone ever heard of that once we got there. We got our tour anyway by a very nice nurse. Only 2-3 babies are born there daily. Naomi pictures herself chilling in the jacuzzi for the whole labor. So the facilities there are nice as it recently was remodelled. I then took Naomi and Dontae out to eat. They have such high hopes for this baby.

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