Thursday, March 18, 2010


Steve in 1991-found when I was looking for a picture of Josh. Isn't he
cute? Fortunately for us all, the kids inherited his looks

Poor Daniel and his parents spent most of the day yesterday in Pediatric Urgent Care at the hospital dealing with his cold that had gone bad. He had 'retractions' meaning if you were to look at his chest while he breathed, his whole abdomen would cave in with the effort. Meanwhile his oxygen levels were low so his efforts weren't delivering enough air. Chest x-rays revealed the pneumonia-an early case so he was not admitted-just nebulized repeatedly. They were given a nebulizer to take home. They are to return today. Update, she called while I wrote this. He is still wheezing away. Early asthma? The eczema he has according to the peds could indicate hypersensitivity. Someone should learn not to sneak hummus into him even though her kids survived it.

Naomi's appt was cancelled due to the OB being in delivery at the time. An option to come in anyway with the nurse doing the measurements was presented, but we'll wait a week. Meanwhile they will send an ultrasound requistion. With the change in our insurance, we now don't need to stick with this lady. She seems very friendly and non-judgemental but I wonder about her C-section rate. She seems very firm about not letting one go beyond one's due date, which in Naomi's case was determined from an ultrasound. Presumably fetuses (fetii?)don't vary much in size early on so this ultrasound estimate is good for within a week. But what happens if Baby Taenae is unusually large for gestational age? Seen this before. Also she didn't seem to take any measurements of Naomi's pelvis. Maybe she's good at eyeballing but somewhere I am afraid, she looks at Naomi and sees "C-section". I asked if she thought Naomi's pelvis was adequate for birth. She said, well she's a tall girl..probably is. Well I am hoping that she inherited my capacity for big babies. Steve's mom seemed to be good at delivering (though probably while unconcious)big babies too as Steve was nearly 10 lb. Shanna's friend in France, now in her 39th week, informs us that in France, they go by a 41 week schedule and they don't even think of inducing until you hit 42 weeks. C-section rate there..5%. Here 30%. With Naomi's doctor..I bet higher.

Instead of me running, Steve and I took a long walk down by the river. Very nice weather and calm. The birds were in high gear for the mating season-lots of red-wing blackbird trills and Canada geese going wild. We then went downtown for Josh's birthday-unbelievable crowds due to St. Patrick's Day. Steve thought I should have a chosen a different day to have him.

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