Friday, March 26, 2010


TMI was the trick of today's WSJ crossword puzzle. All the long clues had those initials: a very easy puzzle.

A downside to being a teenage mom is the presence of the mom at the OB visits. She wants me there as she isn't able to process all the information given. However, sometimes she has to answer very personal questions and I am there. The OB doesn't flinch for a second. I am liking her more. I wrote the other day about my visit to a gynecologist when I was just slightly younger than Naomi. As intrusive as I thought the questions were, at least my mom wasn't standing right there as I hemmed and hawed for an answer.
Recently Naomi had shared something personal with me and instantly regretted it.
You would never had told your mother that, right?
Um-my mother wouldn't even know what you said means.

When Shanna was in college, she went for a visit to her primary and wanted me there as I knew her history which is a bit complicated. The primary was clearly uncomfortable with me there and glared at me throughout the visit.

I later brought my mom to this same primary to get a clean bill of health so she could be admitted to a nursing home. Living with my father, my mom with Alzheimer's Disease had been neglected.I had tried to clean her up (nailcare, extra hair removal, general cleaning,etc)but it was clear she hadn't been taken care of. For one thing, despite having been tall while younger, she had shrunk to 90 lbs. The primary assumed that all this neglect was my fault and glared the whole time. My father rarely let my mother out of his sight but at this time, he was hospitalized and it was clear she couldn't be with him any longer. Yes I knew my mom was in trouble and had had Social Services investigate. But although they asked questions, they would never answer any. All the primary needed to do was confirm (with the help of a chest x-ray and the radiologist instantly had told me there was no problem) my mom did not have TB but she decided that I needed to be punished by having my mom stay 2 more weeks with me (and I couldn't go to work while my mom stayed with us). She said there was no medical reason for her to sign the form immediately and I would just have to wait until she had time. Finally after me haranguing her non-stop, she relented but I was told to never, never see her again. No problem with that.

Ten degrees this morning! Where is our spring?
But it was sunny and icefree so away I ran.

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