Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cooking for Survivorship

This was sent by my fellow Italian student Jeanette

Yesterday was my "Cooking for Survivorship" class at the Wellness Community. It is getting more popular as so many want to avoid a recurrence. So the foods we prepare are high in anti-oxidants, low in fat, no meat, no white sugar or flour. Have I adopted this diet at home as I should? Not really but baby steps. I will make some of the recipes for the moms tomorrow. There is usually one or two new people there so we all introduce ourselves with a summary of what we've gone through. I mentionned that my latest challenge is the teenage pregnancy and that the shock of it was nearly that of hearing about my breast cancer. Then I felt bad as how is a new grandchild anything like a tumor. One woman came up to me later and said that someday I will look on the baby as a blessing. Maybe. Naomi asked me earlier in the day, Aren't you excited for me? I know what she wanted me to say but I just couldn't. I know. I need an attitude adjustment. I'm no longer moping about it and am trying to prepare Naomi as much as possible. I have to be more positive about this baby. A woman in our neighborhood, Josh's best girl buddy for many years, recently had a baby with a minor disability. Her mom blamed her for working too hard causing the baby to be 'defective.' Suffice it to say, grandma won't be seeing that baby anytime soon until a big, big apology is made.

Our new insurance covers nothing for my visits to my cancer team until I rack up more bills. I will be seen every 3 months for at least another year. I almost hate getting mail as it is bills, bills, bills but I did get a beautiful card from Lesa of LittleLifePreservers I will scan.

It is spring for a while here and I was able to run in the cool air in shorts no longer worrying about ice patches. I basked in the sun later on my patio. A lazy day. I am fighting a cold but I still can run.

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