Saturday, January 3, 2009

Walking Oliver

Shanna just called to alert me to Oliver's video on Facebook of him walking at 11 months. When he was younger, Oliver expressed no interest in flipping himself over at the usual time and it was assumed he wouldn't do all those physical milestones until later but now he is walking before the average age so all is good. He is laughing and very proud of himself.

This queasiness will not stop. I am waiting for the Zofran to kick in. It makes me dizzy. I spent most of yesterday lying in bed as I don't feel the queasiness as much until I try to move. Since it finally did get above freezing, I did take a mile walk as I hate the thought of losing all my muscle tone due to this mess. It was sunny out and it did boost my mood, but I was dizzy.

Since I sleep so much during the day now, that means I am up a good portion of the night. Generally this is not good as I tend to think most negatively then. I am surprisingly not as depressed as I thought I'd be but this is definitely a challenge. I really want this experience to be over! I keep promising myself that the second half will be much better. At least no nausea.

Naomi is on her way to Detroit to play Detroit Community. The criteria to get into that school: must be able to play bball at a high level! If it weren't for this, I'd go watch and then stop in Ferndale for pho at the Flytrap. Their pho is so good!

So it is now sunny though probably very cold. Maybe if I could walk without feeling faint, I'll go out. Running is out of the question. It is Jan's birthday today but I don't know what I could do to celebrate it. Deb will come over later with soup. Hopefully the queasiness will be gone then.

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