Thursday, January 29, 2009


Even though I thought I was done with the Red Devil, it still has its evil hold on me. It has slowly destroyed my vein that I got the last infusion in 16 days ago and a clot has developed that has slowly moved up my arm. The clot is now 3 inches from my wrist bone and is painful. As it is in a superficial vein, it isn't supposed to be dangerous. My queasiness hasn't completely gone away either though most of yesterday, I felt just fine but today-queasy. I awoke this morning after a very fitful sleep to muscle aches. I took Motrin for them and to hopefully deal with the clot so they aren't bothering me so much at the moment. I will check in with my onc to see if this clot thing needs to be dealt with. I've been lucky never to have any vein issues-no varicose veins anywhere but now this.

Yesterday Deb and I went to see "Slumdog Millionaire" a great movie with amazing scenes though some of them not appropriate for the queasy.

Today, more calls to doctors' offices, insurance plans, etc and another away game for Naomi in Birmingham.

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S. F. Heron said...


I'm sorry your feeling poorly. Virtual hugs heading your way.

My onc nurse told me to warm a washcloth as hot as I can stand and place it over the bruising or sore areas after blood draws or IVs. Gently massage the area to stimulate the circulation. This should help alleviate the pain and make it go away sooner. Couple times a day is helpful.

Check with your Doc about the above before doing it, just to make sure it won't hurt the clot.


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