Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Less queasy

Finally the Red Devil is releasing its hold on me. Still not ready for coffee but I do feel much better. I went to Washtenaw Medical Supply yesterday for wig supplies. I should have gone there first (Not Fran Coy!!!) as the lady there is very helpful but its name didn't sound too promising. I bought a cute hat. The wig lady said I really didn't need special shampoo and gave me free wig liners.
Another place to avoid in cyberspace is Wig Salon. I had ordered the "elusive' and they said it was in transit and e-mailed me a receipt. I thought everything was fine until a few days later when I got an e-mail saying the 'elusive' was not available but for $30 more, I could have the 'lighten-up". No new receipt. I eventually got the ugly 'lighten-up' (in size petite-I am not a petite anything)and have been begging repeatedly for a receipt with the new price on it so I could submit it to the insurance company. They finally responded to my barage of e-mails saying that they could not give me a new receipt-something about insurance fraud. WTF! Well then they better not charge me anymore than what was on my original receipt. I have to wait for my credit card bill. Meanwhile on the 7th, I officially change insurance companies so I am in for a battle on this wig.
But Steve and I were able to out to lunch, go shopping, and later take a walk although my tolerance of cold really has changed alot. Later Jan came over to belatedly celebrate her birthday with a tiramisu torte. Naomi didn't return until 11. Not much details on the game other than she played badly. Her replacement got a good write-up in the paper and Huron remains undefeated though it still hasn't cracked the top 10 in state rankings. (it's around 12 to 15) The boys' program is now 7.

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