Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am tired of being locked in this house due to cold, snow, whatever. It is warming up but more snow is forecasted. Even without cancer, this time would be a challenge but I could at least get away. Last year at this time I was eagerly awaiting Oliver's birth ready to drive the 755 miles at a moment's warning. Not that Boston is all that much toastier, but a new baby! Hard to be depressed when you are expecting your first grandchild. I was very lucky to get there missing a big storm the day after his birth but slipping and sliding the 10 miles to the hospital was manageable.

I don't feel so bad physically today. I did get out to Naomi's game-they won as expected but Coach Steve was unhappy with them as most of them played sloppily. Even though there was no school, Naomi spent the afternoon with the team. Josh came over to deal with his resume. There is some plan in the works that might save him but it's not clear if it will work.

I do spend some time reading up on TNBC. Things I like to read: bigger tumors than mine gone with no sign of return 8 years later. What I don't like to read: brain mets popping up even before chemo is finished. If mets happen, they happen fast (within 3 years). If one survives 5 years without them, generally one is home free.

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