Sunday, January 18, 2009


TV has become too much of a part of my life as I hunker down in cold, snowy chemoland. But it sucks for the most part. Theoretically, the Travel Channel should be interesting but it is full of shows such as that one showing this guy who eats really disgusting things and another showing how much food the host can eat. How come they can't just show nice places to visit? Jan last night wanted to watch 'Survivorman". Another show to avoid if one is the least bit queasy as the host survives by eating disgusting stuff.

I missed my niece's bit part the other night on Law and Order SUV. She's a grad student at Columbia and the show needed 'chemical expertise' and hired her research group for the day. Her hand was filmed pouring acid on to sugar spliced to someone else's body but they had fun and received money spent on a big night out on the town (Manhattan).

Day 48 in chemo prison. Still a tad queasy and tired but as I distance myself from the Red Devil, I hope to feel better. I was beginning to feel quite isolated due to the weather. Brenda however braved yet another snowstorm and picked me up to go out for lunch-a very welcome distraction. Deb then stopped by briefly with some beautiful flowers to lift my spirits. Jan came by for a trash TV marathon. We did watch "Home for the Holidays" which I liked, mainly because Holly Hunter was in it but then we watched an IFC movie-"Naked in NY"-which was really boring but was my idea so I let Jan watch her favorite "survivorman" until I couldn't take it any longer.

There was an article in the paper yesterday updating Naomi's classmate's condition. Last weekend, Anna's former boyfriend had bashed her forehead in with a hammer and left her to die in a snowbank in a park. She is still in a coma, medically induced, but her chances of survival are increasing. Initially it was thought she had no chance at all. She was an all A student planning on going to UM this fall. Unfortunately she had selected this boyfriend who was clearly mentally unstable. Very scary.

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