Saturday, January 24, 2009

My spots, my spots, my lovely pre-cancer spots..check them out

Naomi in today's newspaper. She hates the picture as her tongue is hanging out.

I had my dermatology consult yesterday for my black spot. The nurse reviewing my case you're here complaining of alopecia. Well I have alopecia and it breaks my heart but that's not why I am here. So the good news is that the black spot looks benign to the several experts who examined it but then they found several pre-cancerous lesions on my face that they said had to go. The black spot was shaved off and sent to the lab even though they believe it to be harmless and they froze off 4 suspicious spots on my face with liquid nitrogen. These will scab over in a few days adding to my appeal, along with my pale, papery skin, black circles under the eyes, baldness, deformed boob, apocrine glands that have run amok, baldness, flabbiness, watery red eyes, etc.

But good news on the whole. Also good is that Josh might be safe which might indirectly result in another grandchild for me. It is so sad that so many responsible people might forgo having a family for economic reasons. It finally was slightly above freezing, which I don't think it has been above 28 in more than a month so I ran just a bit further than the day before. Not far and it was still hard. Then we sped off to Chelsea. The game was fun to watch. Offensively Naomi did not do well but she stole the ball several times and was very good defensively.

I have such bizarre dreams. I dreamt I had to go to a wedding but I had put everything off until 30 minutes before it was to start so I was running around like a madwoman against the clock trying to find something to wear. Meanwhile Steve insisted on wearing a brilliant turquoise dress-yes dress-that I was trying to dissuade him from wearing but his sister kept telling him how good he looked in it undermining me. Naomi had spray painted her hair blue to give me more agita.

I met Deb for Happy Hour and had the panko fried artichokes-very tasty! She hadn't had them before


Teri B. said...

Glad to hear blackspot was not topic: do I have your correct address?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Hi Teri
You do. I got your card. I also responded to your e-mail unless it was lost in cyberspace or my answer was too buried in my ramblings.


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