Monday, January 5, 2009

No, I do not accept your cancer card

The above is Naomi's policy. She is sticking to it with a tenacity that one would have to admire if it wasn't so  selfish. Clothes thrown around the place, dirty dishes left under beds in her room, no step and fetching it for her. Her routine will not be altered one iota by cancer. The 2 weeks she had off gave me some relief in that I didn't have to keep track of school projects that needed to be done. Of course there is that paper due on the Friday before break that she got the snow day reprieve. But of course it is now due today and absolutely no work was done on it. The topic: Things we take for granted. How easy is that! The paper would write itself on how she takes good old mom for granted. She eventually settled on writing about this bball player in her travel club who had everything going for her and then was run over by a truck while she was vacationing in Spain. Her team wore pink (Natalya's favorite color) and her number for a year.

Yep it probably is all my fault.. I have tried every approach to try to convert her into a reasonable person. Steve has given up long ago. If I don't survive this mess, she will not make it. Even if I do, the road will be very rocky. Suffice it to say, it is profoundly stressful and depressing. And I still feel horrible even though it has been almost a week since I was poisoned.

Sunny picked up a tick romping in the park in toasty Maryland so Josh came over to borrow my good tweezers to remove the nasty thing. Hopefully I will get them back though the Red Devil has kindly relieved me of any immediate need for them.

It looks nice outside. Yesterday, the sidewalks were coated with ice although I don't know if I had the energy to even try to walk. I was running just a week ago. I will get out of the house today if only to get wig supplies. My scalp is very sensitive. I can not stand under the shower.

Naomi does have a game tonight but it is 60 miles away. I'll miss that one.

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S. F. Heron said...

sue, stef and I go toe to toe every round of chemo. She goes on about how she wants her real mommy back and how she's used to having me do stuff for her. When I can't, she gets mad. I quite literally told her to stuff it and reminded her the world didn't revolve around her but rather ME. And tuff sh*t if she didn't like it.

We did this 4 times for 4 chemos. And this time, shock and awe, not a peep out of her. It was wonderful. And I was so very glad because I just didn't have the energy to do it this time ;)


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