Thursday, January 8, 2009

Insurance purgatory

Received a whole series of bills yesterday from November and December full of uncovered, uncovered, uncovered charges. Thousands of dollars. Turns out UM used my new insurance number for the November charges and the old number for the December. Steve did all the phone calling. Hopefully all is fixed. But for more fun, today I start on a new policy with a completely different insurance company and Steve will need to spend sometime explaining this to the hospital Tuesday when I go for my fourth infusion-the last of the Red Devil. We won't have cards yet-just a number they can call.

I did get an e-mail from the owner of Wig Salon who said he was incredulous that I was denied a new receipt with the updated charge on it and will fix it. I also managed to clean up some annoying item concerning my mother's estate. Before she died, I was her conservator. After she died I was her personal representative and all her assets had to be relabelled as estate accounts before they could be distributed. One little account that I didn't even know existed was labelled as an estate account. It only amounted to 86 cents but conceivably, the brokerage house could charge management fees on it. The brokerage house will make it go away without me having to fill out reams of paperwork that always needs a bank stamp. Simple notaries won't do.

Harder to clean-up is the Naomi situation though I think the problem is narrowed down to one pain-in-the-neck teacher. This person has ignored my e-mails. Maybe I should show up there sans wig. Naomi came home from practice with her t-shirt smeared with blood-Jasmine's elbow caught her in the mouth but she was in a good mood. She's got her game back. Naomi can be very sweet on rare occasions but she has such a hard time dealing with frustration and everything, everything frustrates her. One thing that can be said for her is that she has balls. Situations that would strongly intimidate the average teenager don't faze her a bit. She is relatively calm shooting free-throws with all eyes on her though the coach's eyes count the most. She never minded being a soccer goalie because she never thought any goals let in were her fault. (this is rare-most goalies feel real bad even if it isn't their fault.) She and her buddy during middle school would step right up to boys and challenge them to a game of b-ball. During that time, she entered a street ball tournament as a boy stuffing her hair into a cap and wearing very baggy clothes. Her teammates were these very skilled African-American boys who were quite a bit smaller than her. They had asked her to be their post. They were doing pretty good until the final rounds in which they faced boys bigger than her who were very skilled at streetball. It would take a while until someone would say, the big white one, I think that's a girl. However as she got older, her practice of showing up to the Y all painted pretty demanding to be let into a game turned into a different game than she had planned. These boys now had hormones and so did she. I had to put an end to that-not to all the hormones (wish I could) but to the Y visits.

We were able to eat at my favorite Japanese restaurant for lunch. I could see the site head of my former employer with his daughter across the room. Not clear if he saw me. Even though our site was huge, he seemed to know alot about me due to my educational outreach work and the one year that I was responsible for originally synthesizing 10% of the corporation's development candidates despite there being 600-700 chemists worldwide in the company.

I did take a 2 mile walk in the snow. Too slippery for running and today there's even more snow.

Josh stopped by. More huge cutbacks scheduled at his work. He is considered 'critical' but he isn't sure this will save him. Michigan is ground zero for the country's deepening depression. Sad news every day. I just can't see how this will end but have plenty of ideas how it started.

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