Sunday, January 4, 2009

How are you?

An innocent greeting. How do you respond to someone who hasn't seen you for a while? Fine?
Sadly I am not fine. New damage-the soles of my feet feel like I had been walking on rocks. Leg hair almost gone (that's actually a good thing). Nausea that won't go away. Now my back hurts but it is probably due to me lying around all the time. Steve got me raspberry Snapple as a caffeine source as coffee is out and a few sips later, I realized it was spoiled. Hopefully my immune system will be able to handle that but it increased my queasiness, which I thought would be gone by now.
I got a few things done yesterday. Rounded up all the receipts for my stay in Italy and submitted them. (This was part of my retraining allowance-don't ask me how I will make a career of knowing all things Italian). Wrote a note to the neighbor who is facing BC also and hand-delivered. (So far no response). There's rumors of yet another woman-a soccer mom whose son was in my carpool for many years-facing the same demon. I will have to check that one out with a certain someone who knows all but is kind of a bitch to deal with. It was sunny and calm so I went for a walk. About halfway through I came upon T, a former co-worker smoking a cigar (got to stay upwind) and feeding the squirrels who innocently asked the title question. I whipped my hat off briefly. I am so crude. We were once very good friends but my employer firing him (as it ended up firing all my good friends-one by one until only I remained and then it closed the whole place down) had made things awkward. He works for a small company started by a friend of mine that is doing quite well. Actually several of my friends are there. I suppose if it becomes necessary for one of us to work (I vote Steve), working there parttime would be a possibility. He invited me in and I had tea with him and his very sweet wife C reliving the good old days. He had been in the cancer group making among other things, Red Devil analogs. I've made Red Devil analogs myself. So far, nothing has replaced this foul tasting, body destroying substance that I am hoping will save my life.

Deb came over with lentil soup and cornbread. I was able to eat the cornbread and Steve says the soup is good but my queasiness made it impossible for me to try it. Maybe today. But I enjoyed her visit.

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Lesa said...

Hi Sue,

Thanx for stopping by my blog. I had to stop by yours too. :) You are dealing with the most evil of chemos: The Red Devil. We can only hope he is a worthy adversary to the cancer. Keep fighting my friend. You can and will do this. Please sign up for me to send you free cards at Shine on!


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