Thursday, March 3, 2016

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day

Me among the begonias in Bath, England
How did I celebrate TNBC day (3-3-2016)?  Got my girls smooshed. Fastest mammogram ever due to it being the type that they will call you if you need extra films at a later date. According to the info sheet, there is a 5-10% callback rate with most of these for benign reasons. I suspect my chances are higher due to the recent surgery moving everything around. I did ask to see the scan of the formerly diseased breast. She balked saying I wasn't allowed to see it. Why not? It's my scan. She gave in. It still looks scary, full of metal clips. The seroma, now empty, has calcified looking very much like a small egg or tumor. But unlike a tumor, it is empty. And blood vessels could not support anything within. From what I remember, it looks like the last scan. I didn't see any other areas but we will see what the radiologist thinks.

Bonus: I didn't have to go to the cancer center which always sets me on edge. Too many bad memories. Plus it is further away and it costs to park there.

It is snowing yet again. I had to wait late into the day yesterday for the sun to melt a path. But after this weekend, days of 50 and 60.

Bought more junk art yesterday and visited Shanna and Tessa.
Tonight, my friend and I resume watching Transparent.

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Elephant's Child said...

Good luck. And well done for standing your ground about seeing YOUR scan.


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