Friday, March 25, 2016

Fixing Sue

Tess was a bit nervous about her first airplane flight to Orlando but she seems to be OK with it here

A trip  to my hairdresser today out in the country. I came back with a haircut, no gray roots and fresh eggs. She loves wild colored hair but mine is much more subtly colored
This will be hung up in our living room
hall way art
I finally took down the Xmas wreathe replacing it with this

My favorite find: hand thrown pot that matches our bedroom perfectly
I did lots of driving this week between medical appointments, appointments to fix up various parts of me, shopping trips and social occasions all made more difficult by part of the freeway closed. Today found me detouring through a westside neighborhood through the intersection Gott-Hiscock. I would have taken a photo if I wasn't running late. Ha! Who said Ann Arbor city planners didn't have a sense of humor though they didn't plan for Nixon-Bluett, oft stolen sign in the 70s.

So at the end of this week, I  have 2 new teeth though they are temporary and not made for biting anything hard. The porcelain ones come in 3 weeks. Peachy iridescent finger and toe nails and shorter hair that doesn't have the nasty white, black roots.

Zalabieh or Syrian crepes. Right before I was to drive Shanna's family to the airport , Shanna was about to throw away a pile of 20 crepes that Ramy's mother had just prepared the day before. I will take them. They looked like French crepes but seemed much more sturdy and tasted somewhat yeasty. I assumed they contained eggs but the recipes I found have none. I will have to ask Ramy's mother. Ramy said he filled his with cinnamon sugar. Recipes on line featured ricotta lemon fillings. As they are not sweet, savory fillings can be used. Some of them I filled with a cream cheese honey mix, some with the lavender caramel sauce I bought last week, some with a chocolate candy spread from IKEA and then some with fig butter. I rolled them up, cut them in half and took to the Mom's last night celebrating one of our birthdays, which was fun.

The kids were understandably quite excited about their trip to Disneyworld. The boys had been on planes before but only Oliver could remember the trip. He wasn't yet 3. Do you remember anything before the age of 3? I have some vague memories of being three, strong memories of being 4. Tessa just turned 4 so she will remember this trip.

So they won't be here for Easter. The egghunt will go on with just Allie and Maya.

The other day I heard a sad clunk. With so many feeders and so many large windows, bird collisions are very common. Fortunately only 2 sparrows died so far. I debated to see if there was a body. Nothing right under the window but nearby, there was a falcon like bird dusting itself off. Blueish-gray back, orange fluffy thigh feathers. I rushed to get the camera but it recovered and flew off before I got the shot. I ran to the bird book trying to remember as many details but I forget so fast. It was larger than a kestrel. The closest thing I could find was a merlin. It even appeared at what they called the Merlin Hour, 4 pm. Obviously it was trying to feed off my birds. The red tail hawk shows up in my yard everyone once in a while but looks quite different. It is known as the default hawk as it is so common.

I had such a vivid dream that a red bellied woodpecker came to my feeder. I even figured out it was a female. Finally I see one instead of just hearing them and just seeing their backs. But it was only a dream.

I have to stop going to resale stores. Too much stuff though the pot I got above is beautiful. The artist comes from the middle of sugar beet  country in Michigan, not known for artists. Can't find out much about her other than she is dead.

Meanwhile, these serigraphs I got a few years back for about $5 a piece. I found similar ones by the same artist for $500 a piece.

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