Tuesday, March 15, 2016


my little friend compared to my massive foot

he was several hundred yards from the nearest stream
croci of various colors popped up in my yard this weekend
big glass flower that will be a lawn ornament
a visitor last night

While I was running yesterday I saw what appeared to be a small lobster in the road. I assumed it was dead. How long can they live out of water though there was a heavy fog. When I circled back a few minutes later, it had moved 5 feet. Clearly it was alive. I ran back to get my camera.
There is a creek nearby .Did it overflow into a ditch nearby because of all the rain?
I never saw a live crayfish out of water or one this big in Michigan. That crummy school in the downriver area of the Detroit suburbs I went to briefly along with my friend who has leukemia (she might get out of the hospital tomorrow after 5 weeks) had a junkyard in the back of the school yard surrounded by a moat. During recess, we would find crayfish in the standing water Probably a good breeding ground for mosquitoes too. I don't think they were this big.
Later, while proving that we touched bottom of a 20 foot deep lake, we'd bring up handfuls of lake bottom sometimes containing little bitty crayfish.
Our hearing concerning the alleged market value of our house (thus now the taxable value) went poorly. They didn't think that we paid much less for it (which one would think was the market value) was all that important. They had an absurd method of figuring what a house was worth, adding up all the features then subtracting just about 10% for 15 years of wear, which in itself is ridiculous. Roofs, furnaces, fixtures age much more than that.  We were allowed to subtract minor things we did not have.  There are not many comparables in the neighborhood. Only 2 sales besides ours in the last 2 years. Both for houses  much bigger than ours though one house cost almost $100K less.
They will let s know in a few weeks. We can take our fight to the state. I feel we are being taken advantage of.
The redo of my mammograms tomorrow looms larger. Yeah it is probably nothing. Just in case, I stopped taking baby aspirin last week. The last time  needed a biopsy, it was delayed a week because of that. And that biopsy showed I had fat necrosis (ie nothing) but it took lots of out of pocket cash to find that out.

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Good luck. The waiting is vile isn't it?


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