Friday, March 18, 2016

Into the wind

I love Google Earth. This is our house according to it. Looks like the walls are caving in
This is me looking very poodle like with one year old Josh. It was his birthday yesterday
Josh riding a motorcycle in Coney Island
One of my favorite photos of Josh. He is 6 here

Watercolor of a house finch created by a woman who lives just down the road
This I probably paid too much for (about 7 times as much as the watercolor above) but I love irises

I can finally relax though Monday morning, I have 2.5 hours of dental work planned and I have more battles with the assessment people. Not having to deal with the breasts for more than a year is a major bonus. And I finally got a helpful insurance person to deal with my teeth.
I did see my dentist yesterday who wanted to be sure all the teeth are still alive and thus salvageable. This involved holding a metal lead to my gum line while he cranked up the electricity. I was to pull it away as soon as I felt pain. Yep they are all alive though I was imagining pain after awhile before he even cranked up the juice. They still can die, even the one which wasn't broken. I was reading about a Facebook friend who needs $15K worth of implants resulting from an injury with her toddler's head bumping her teeth very hard. This toddler is now in his 40s so it took awhile for them to die. Then they made molds of my teeth so he can fashion some temporaries to be put on in a lengthy session Monday. Then I have to wait 2 weeks more for my crowns.
Because I just can't help myself, I stopped at 2 resale shops I  haven't been in for  months. The least promising one had my best finds especially the hand painted finch. I looked up the artist and was amazed to find she lived in the very small community Frain's Lake. This is technically where I live.
I was thinking that the red colored finches that visit often were purple finches (not sure why they are called that as they aren't the least purple) but I was studying a close up photo I have and it's really a house finch.
While driving back, I was having trouble controlling the car. Bad tires? Nope, suddenly a very stiff wind had shown up and I hadn't ridden my bike yet. It was supposed to get worse, so I immediately headed directly into the wind. It was so hard. I had to cross a major intersection quickly. Although it was flat, I was going into a 30 mph headwind. So so hard. After about 4 miles of that, I was in an area in which the winds would be mainly cross winds and I would be protected by hills and forests. Then a 4mile free ride back in which I probably didn't need to peddle. So these 15 miles (or at least the first 4-5 miles) were much harder than my 21 mile ride in still air the other day. Gusts were reported to be up to 55mph. Our mailbox was blown over twice before we kept it safe until the wind dies down that night.

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Elephant's Child said...

Irises are beautiful things aren't they?
So glad your teeth are still alive. And sad that they had to hurt you to prove it.


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