Wednesday, March 30, 2016


My vase needed a stand. The cherubs are a bit too white. Maybe I can stain them?

pottery and brass handmade lamp replaces quick sale 15 year old IKEA lamp
stained glass clock looks good in the family room

Recently there was an article about marriages with people of opposite political persuasions in the WSJ that hit close to home. Unlike the author, Steve and I were at least on the same page when we married  but as the years went by, he moved further and further to the right. And by right, I mean he is totally wrong. He at least does not support Trump. That would be a deal breaker.
How can this possibly work? Well sometimes it doesn't. Steve's views are a very big part of his life, too big of a part IMHO as he spends hours reading and writing about his views, and he does not tolerate dissent. We keep the peace, as the author suggests, by never discussing politics. The few times we do, I end up getting the silent treatment up to a week. I stupidly engaged him in a discussion while we were on vacation 2 months ago. What a mistake!! Here I was miles from home, sick with a cold and festering wounds due to some hot tub infection, with his family...not fun. Fortunately my punishment for disagreeing with him lasted only a day.
I've been asked, Can't I make him see the error of his ways?  He is so, so wrong. But it is futile to even try as it just pisses him off. I live in the hope that he will gradually see the error of his ways himself or at least get tired reading the same old stuff over and over. And he is isolated as he is surrounded by people who believe similarly to myself.
I finally got to see the red bellied woodpecker I run by all the time. They have very distinctive calls but usually I just see its back when I stop to view him (or her..both have a red strip along their nape, It is wider in the male).

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Elephant's Child said...

Politics (and religion) are both dangerous areas. People feel strongly about them, and rarely shift from their entrenched views.
I am increasingly moving to a green left of centre. My partner is still (just) the same side of the divide, but does have excursions to the right.


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