Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring forward

new bird feeder already popular among the avian set

flower made from dishes from the same artist
a present for someone who does not read this blog
serious Allie

I used to hate daylight savings time when I was working. Just as I would have been able to bike to work in the morning, back to darkness. I also felt cheated an hour of my precious weekend.
Michigan didn't even have daylight savings time until I was a freshman in college. And then it occurred at the end of Aril, not mid-March. Growing up, my favorite radio station, CKLW, was from Canada, which did have daylight savings time. So the time they gave was off an hour.
This was supposed to be my long biking day but alas, cold and rainy. I did go out for a soggy run.
Back to the machinations of the House of Cards characters tonight....

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Elephant's Child said...

I resent daylight savings. It starts too early here and goes on too long.


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