Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My two front teeth

I assume I am around 6 months here with my two teeth

Finally I have something resembling a full mouth of teeth after 7 weeks of missing 2 front teeth. Someone wanted me to post a photo of myself with my new fancy jewelry but I nixed that after looking at my hideous, toothless smile. These temporary teeth look OK but aren't fully functional. I am not to bite into anything crunchy so Steve's fancy English toffee I purchased at one of those fairs last week is safe from me. It sounds like it will be a month before the crowns are ready as my dentist is taking a vacation. And I have to make a 40 mi round trip to the lab making them to match my colors, which sadly isn't pearly white. I offered to go yesterday as I was half-way there but I was told I would have to wait at least 2 hours as the recent dental work would make the teeth dehydrated and artificially lighter than they really are. Who knew...
My dentist is quite the chatterbox. We had broken our arms around the same time in the same place though his was repaired through surgery (can't be a one-arm dentist but the surgery option was not offered to me despite me needing 2 arms to be a chemist) and both suffered through PT with seemingly sadistic therapists. They would bend back our arms to the point that we screamed and then keep it there He said that he could never do a job like that causing so much pain. Hello? You're a dentist. Or maybe he was just kidding. The two hour plus ordeal of grinding my teeth to ugly pegs to affix the temporaries wasn't painful just tedious. When I was a child, I was taken to a very incompetent dentist who never seemed to be able to find the right nerve to inject the lidocaine. I would complain but all my whinings were dismissed saying that if I really felt it, I would be 'grabbing the chandelier'. There is presumably forgettable pain, childbirth, and unforgettable pain such as dental pain. Fifty plus years later I remember it clearly. Fortunately I had better dentists after him.
I was to get my hair fixed today cutting short my run so I would have time to drive to the opposite end of the county. I come back to find a message about perhaps me coming later so she can have a long run. Wish I was told that before. And then, right while I was leaving, a call saying please don't come at all as she fell after the run and is too dizzy to deal with me.%^#$
Oh well, I have plenty that needs to be done and I can suffer bad hair a little longer.
And I need a rest from going out every night or entertaining here with too much drinking. I am a social eater. If I am by myself, I don't bother to get extra food out. Last night I went out with my ex-co-workers. It was fun but having part of the beltline that sort of circles Ann Arbor broken really makes going anywhere near Ann Arbor difficult. And I see they are approving yet another housing development that will send even more cars in the backyard of my old house. Glad I am out.
Today is the 40th anniversary of my first day at work as a medicinal chemist. So, so, long ago.
Below is my cute grandson missing his front tooth:

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Elephant's Child said...

Dentists do my head in. I am not in the slightest bit surprised that they are apparently the profession most likely to suicide. Though I wonder whether they include the armed forces in that survey?


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