Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ignoti nulla cupido

Put this print up in our living room instead of a cat poster I had

cute tile
My splurge at the Saline craft fair. These are fused glass tiles mounted behind glass and framed
recycled dish bird feeder
Josh and Allie at the park we went to. She keeps ducking my photos

One does not desire what one doesn't know. This for years was the reason various groups have given for not teaching sex education. If the kids never hear about sex, maybe they will not desire it.
I don't know the Latin for Whatever I don't know, won't hurt me which is my modus operandi these days. There are some things I don't want to know any more about.
But despite my scary upcoming week, I've managed to find some fun. A nice bike ride, listening to peepers, two dinners with Josh and Allie (Julie is out of town) and today, a buying spree at a craft fair with some friends. No not just for myself. Lots of birthdays in March.
 I messed up a perfect photo this morning: two deer in my backyard silhouetted by the orange and pink sky at sunrise. I was shooting through a window. Unfortunately a small reading lamp cast a reflection on the window, which is what the camera focused on. The rest, all fuzzy. By the time I could turn the light off, the deer galloped away.

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Elephant's Child said...

Denial - not just a river in Egypt, but sometimes a necessity. (Except on the sex education front).
I hope you continue to snatch some fun in life, and that the deer come back.


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