Sunday, March 20, 2016

Frozen piñata

Tessa had her 4th birthday party yesterday. She loves purple and the movie Frozen.
Getting the first swing at the pinata
4 year olds  lining up for their turn

I liked the way the light glistened on the pile of jewelry
me wearing my purchase of the other day
I love my striped crocus

more irises
pesky chipmunk
fused glass lawn ornament for Josh. He better like it though Steve is very doubtful. He should be here any moment to pick it up

I've been busy. Friday after biking and running, I went with some friends to yet another Art Fair. I didn't like this one nearly as much as the other but I did find a beautiful beaded necklace, bracelet and earring set at a nearby store. Back to my house to prepare an impromptu dinner for my friends and then another viewing session of House of Cards.  The Underwoods are so sleazy and the show is not the least bit realistic but it is still fun to watch though if a certain idiot makes it to the White House, things will be much worse  in real life. We will finish it off tonight.
It has been very cold for the past several mornings. My long Sunday morning bike ride would have been painful today as it was in the 20s. Fine for running though. I would stop everytime I'd hear a red bellied woodpecker but all I can see is their backs. Yesterday I went by a herd of 20 deer. Tessa invited her whole preschool class to her birthday. Most of them have birthdays in the same 2 month period so every weekend, there is at least one party. Two parties yesterday with the same kids. Plus many brought their siblings so a whole household of kids plus all the cousins minus Maya. Half of the presents had a Frozen theme. Tess will have to wait for a present from this Grandma as I hope for her to pick out something special next week in Disneyworld.After the party, off to have a pint with a friend.
Tomorrow a long dental session in which I will get temporary teeth. The permanent ones come in a couple of weeks.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love that crocus. I hope mine comes back this year too.
Good luck at the dentist.


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